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Reports of the II International Ural Conference on Measurements (UralCon 2017)

Surnames of authors, title of report
Plenary reports
1Taymanov R.E.
Development of Measurement Models for Multiparameter Quantity Related to Humans
2Hristo Radev
On the Selection and Application of the Associated Feature When Evaluating the Form and Location of Surfaces and Axes of Workpieces
3Shestakov A.L.
Review of the Methods of the Dynamic Measurement Theory
4Manus Patrick Henry
Measurement Validation for the Internet of Things
Section 1. Metrological ensuring of measuring instruments and measuring systems
4636Hristo Radev, Vassil Bogev, Velizar Vassilev
On the Selection and Application of the Associated Feature When Evaluating the Form and Location of Surfaces and Axes of Workpieces
4563Semyonov S.G., Gavrilenko S.Y., Chelak V.V.
Information Processing on the Computer System State using Probabilistic Automata
4565Kozlova N.S., Goreeva Zh.A., Zabelina Ev.V.
Testing Quality Assurance of Single Crystals and Stock on their Base
4580Milovzorov D.G., Yasoveyev V.Kh.
Angular Installation Options Errors Correction for Three-Component Vector-Measuring Transducers with Accelerometer at Calibration Phase
4608Usachev Yu.A., Abzhuev O.D., Usachev M.S.
Status of Problem of Creating Metrological Complexes for Photonics Purposes
4610Yasoveev V.Kh., Shmelev A.A.
Implementation Methods of Self-Calibration In Intelligent Magnetostrictive Transformers of Linear Displacements
Section 2. Methods and algorithms for digital processing of measurement information
4512Sokolinskaya I.M.
Scalable Algorithm for Non-stationary Linear Programming Problems Solving
4515Lapin A.P., Alsheva K.V.
Investigation of Conversion Function for Vortex Sonic Flowmeter using Monte-Carlo Method
4523Podivilova E., Shiryaev V.
Comparison of Set-valued Dynamical System State Estimates
4525Grechnikov F.V., Kochetkov A.V., Zakharov O.V.
Strategy of Surfaces Measuring on the Basis of Minimization of Control Points Number
4528Nikolaev S.G., Golota A.V.
Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Calibration
4530Chernov N.I., Prokopenko N.N., Butyrlagin N.V.
Method of Analog-to-Digital Conversion of Current Signals Conveyed by Sensor Based on Multi-valued Adder
4532Tsybina M., Almazov V., Kiselev S.
Estimation of Air Data Probe Characteristics
4534Prokudina L.A.
Simulation of Wave Characteristics of Evaporating Liquid Film
4536Yaparova N.M.
Method for Internal Heat Source Identification in a Rod Based on Indirect Temperature Measurements
4537Tabarintseva E.V.
On Approximate Solution of Non-linear Inverse Problem
4542Tsybina M., Almazov V., Sorokin M.
Estimation of Characteristics of Multifunctional Air Data Probe for Air Data System
4545Prokudina L.A., Turlakova S.U.
Mathematical Modeling of Oscillatory Regimes in Oregonator
4549Larkin E., Bogomolov A., Privalov A.
Data Buffering in Information-Measuring System
4551Larkin E., Bogomolov A., Privalov A.
Estimation of Events Flow Generated with Ergodic Semi-Markov Processes
4560Nikitin I.S., Usachev Yu.A.
Research of Recognition Algorithm for Sheet Metal Marking
4562Yurovskikh P.A., Shiryaev V.I., Khadanovich D.V.
Data Measurement Smoothing in the Guaranteed Estimation Algorithm for Dynamical Systems Control
4569Korsun O.N., Tulekbayeva A.K., Toktabek A..
Estimation of Errors of Aircraft Air Parameters Measurements Based on Satellite Navigation System Data
4570Nikolaev S., Golota ., Ivshina Iu.
Identification Modeling of Inertial Sensors' Parameters of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems
4577Munasypov R.A., Masalimov K.A.
Neural Network Models for Diagnostics of Complex Technical Objects State by Example of Elecrochemical Treatment Process
4585Osipov I.O. , Yurovskikh P.A., Shiryaev V.I.
Inaccurate Measurements Processing for Guaranteed Estimation in Dynamical System Stabilization Problem
4594Solovyev A.S., Kalatch A.V., Desyatov D.B.
Computer Modeling and Measurement of Devastating Impact Characteristics of Snow Avalanches
4595Solovyev A.S., Kalatch A.V., Desyatov D.B.
Computer Modeling and Measurement of Characteristics of Water Masses Distribution to Forecast Probability of Area Flooding
4596Dubrovin A.S., Sumin V.I., Novoseltsev V.I.
Method of Measurement of Charging Decompensation at Explosive Plasma Formation with Computer Information Processing
4597Saraev P.V., Polozova Yu.E., Polozov Yu.L.
Usage of Dual-parametric Neural Networks for Measuring Instruments Calibration
4600Kochedykov S.S., Dushkin A.V., Novoseltsev V.I.
Tool and Algorithmic Diagnostic Devices of Operability of Actuation Mechanisms of Automated Control Systems
4601Porfiriev A.V., Sumin V.I., Dushkin A.V.
Algorithm of Measurement Information Processing for Hardware and Software Complex Capture and Automatic Tracking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
4602Isaev O.V., Kravchenko A.S., Irkhin V.P.
Method for Modeling Accuracy Measuring in Evaluation of Sustainability of Information Structure Security System in Terms of Negative Impacts
4603Moiseev S.I., Kuzmenko R.V., Stepanov L.V.
Method for Measuring of Latent Indicators of Continuous Sets of Original Information Data
4611Khvostov A.A., Ryazhskih V.I., Ryazhskih A.V.
Vibrodiagnostics of Compressor Valves via Empirical Mode Decomposition Method
4619Larkin E., Kotov V., Kotova N., Privalov A.
Testing Image Synthesis for Skanners Verification
4621Atlasov I.V., Menshikh V.V., Solodukha R.A.
Mathematical Model of Steganalysis Algorithms Correlation Estimation with Computational Complexity Considering
4623Bukharin S.V., Melnikov A.V., Menshikh V.V., Navoev V.V.
Principal Component Analysis Using Self-Organized Neural Network
4624Glushkov A.N., Menshikh V.V., Khohlov N.S., Bokova O.I., Kalinin M.Y.
Markov Model Based Mathematical Representation of Radio Signals
4625Glushkov A.N., Menshikh V.V., Khohlov N.S., Bokova O.I., Kalinin M.Y.
Gaussian Signals Simulation Using Biconnected Markov Chain
Section 3. New methods and tools of measurement
4517Dvornikov .V., Dziatlau V.L., Prokopenko N.N.
Software and Hardware Complex for Studying Semiconductor Devices at Low, Incl. Cryogenic, Temperatures
4521Elshin V.V., Kolodin A.A., Ovsyukov A.E.
Measurement of Gold Concentration in Stream: Device Development and Testing
4524Yurasova E.V.
Design and Metrological Assurance of Tracking Amplitude Resolver-to-Digital Converter Based on Contactless Magnetic Sensor
4546Grebneva O.A., Novitsky N.N.
Problems and Methods for Optimal Design of Experiments and Processing of their Results for Identification of Heating Networks Thermal-hydraulic Models
4555Rodin V.A., Dumachev V.N., Sinegubov C.V.
Examples and Analysis of Interaction of Two-Dimensional Verhulst-Pearl Model Decisions
4566Kozlova N.S., Kozlova A.P., Goreeva Zh.A.
Spectrophotometric Methods and their Capabilities to Study Material Optical Parameters
4590Bertram T., Lankin A.M., Gorbatenko N.I.
Multiphysical Models of Mechatronic Systems for Conducting Measurements by Natural Model Methodology
4606Kozlov A.G., Fadina E.A.
Analysis of Planar Interdigitated Electrode System Used in Impedance Measurements of Liquid
4607Sukhovilov B.M, Sartasov E.M., Grigorova E.A.
Robust Photogrammetric Method to Estimate Geometric Parameters of Spatial Objects with Axial Symmetry
4613Karandaev A.S., Radionov A.A., Yachikov I.M., Nikolaev An.An.
Methods of Estimation of Electrical Equipment Condition Based on Integral Diagnostic Attribute
4617Shimolin A.J., Sobina A.V., Zyskin V.M.
Potassium Iodate Purity Determination by High Precision Coulometric Titration: New Measurement Procedure Implementation
Section 4. Technical diagnostics and metrological self-control of measuring instruments and actuators
4510Vishnevskiy A.A., Yasoveev V.Kh., Khasanov Z.M.
Correction of Dynamic Errors of Fiber-optic Pressure Sensor based on Estimation of Nonlinearity Value of Membrane Stress-strain Behavior and Adaptive Method
4571Bogatenkov S.A.
Modeling of Safety System for Technical Diagnostics of Measuring Channels Under Conditions of Information Introduction and Measuring Systems
4583Khashimov A.B.
Diagnostics of Linear Phased Array from Near-Field Data using Iterative Regularization
Section 5. Dynamic measurements
4506Tanana V.P., Sidikova A.I.
Approximate Solution to Inverse Problem of Solid State Physics
4507Keller A.V., Ebel A.A.
Parallelization of Numerical Algorithm for Optimum Dynamic Measurement Problem Solution
4511Ibryaeva O.
Recursive Matrix Pencil Method
4513Fadeeva A.S., Korzhova M.E., Markov B.A.
On one Type of Liesegang Operator
4516Ukhobotov V.I., Krasilnikova E.S.
Approach to Fuzziness Measuring
4522Solodusha S., Orlova I.
Numerical Solution of Dynamic Measurement Problem by Volterra Polynomials
4572Volosnikov A.S., Nezhurbida V.S.
Dynamic Measurement Error Correction on the Basis of Recurrent Neural Network
4576Korzhova M.E., Korzhov A.V.
Weibull Distribution?s Parameters in Electrical Insulation Reliability Assessment
4578Komarevtseva O.O.
Forming Model for Dynamic Measurement of Cities' Readiness to Implement Smart City Technologies
Section 6. New measurement technology in the industry
4501Larionov V.A.
Calibration of Sensors for Technological Production
4531Nekrasov S., Fomchenko S., Sukharev A.
Problems of Non-intrusive Measurements of Fluid Flow Parameters in Pipelines
4552Tushev S., Sukhovilov B., Sartasov E.
Architecture of Industrial Close-range Photogrammetric System with Multi-functional Coded Targets
4599Gorbatenko N.I., Lankin A.M., Lankin M.V.
Method of Production Defects Identification of High-Potential Positioning Systems
4612Radionov A.A., Gasiyarov V.R., Khramshin V.R., Loginov B.M.
Implementation of Telemetric On-Line Monitoring System of Elastic Torque of Rolling Mill Line of Shafting
4615Kornilov G.P., Nikiforov G.V., Odintsov K.E., Karandaeva O.I.
Metrological Monitoring of Power Consumption Metering Systems at Manufacturing Plant