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Секция 3. Новые методы и средства измерений

Фамилии авторов, название доклада
4517Dvornikov О.V., Dziatlau V.L., Prokopenko N.N.
Software and Hardware Complex for Studying Semiconductor Devices at Low, Incl. Cryogenic, Temperatures
4521Elshin V.V., Kolodin A.A., Ovsyukov A.E.
Measurement of Gold Concentration in Stream: Device Development and Testing
4524Yurasova E.V.
Design and Metrological Assurance of Tracking Amplitude Resolver-to-Digital Converter Based on Contactless Magnetic Sensor
4546Grebneva O.A., Novitsky N.N.
Problems and Methods for Optimal Design of Experiments and Processing of their Results for Identification of Heating Networks Thermal-hydraulic Models
4555Rodin V.A., Dumachev V.N., Sinegubov C.V.
Examples and Analysis of Interaction of Two-Dimensional Verhulst-Pearl Model Decisions
4566Kozlova N.S., Kozlova A.P., Goreeva Zh.A.
Spectrophotometric Methods and their Capabilities to Study Material Optical Parameters
4590Bertram T., Lankin A.M., Gorbatenko N.I.
Multiphysical Models of Mechatronic Systems for Conducting Measurements by Natural Model Methodology
4606Kozlov A.G., Fadina E.A.
Analysis of Planar Interdigitated Electrode System Used in Impedance Measurements of Liquid
4607Sukhovilov B.M, Sartasov E.M., Grigorova E.A.
Robust Photogrammetric Method to Estimate Geometric Parameters of Spatial Objects with Axial Symmetry
4613Karandaev A.S., Radionov A.A., Yachikov I.M., Nikolaev An.An.
Methods of Estimation of Electrical Equipment Condition Based on Integral Diagnostic Attribute
4617Shimolin A.J., Sobina A.V., Zyskin V.M.
Potassium Iodate Purity Determination by High Precision Coulometric Titration: New Measurement Procedure Implementation