industrial engineering
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Секция 1. Метрологическое обеспечение средств измерений и измерительных систем

Фамилии авторов, название доклада
4636Hristo Radev, Vassil Bogev, Velizar Vassilev
On the Selection and Application of the Associated Feature When Evaluating the Form and Location of Surfaces and Axes of Workpieces
4563Semyonov S.G., Gavrilenko S.Y., Chelak V.V.
Information Processing on the Computer System State using Probabilistic Automata
4565Kozlova N.S., Goreeva Zh.A., Zabelina Ev.V.
Testing Quality Assurance of Single Crystals and Stock on their Base
4580Milovzorov D.G., Yasoveyev V.Kh.
Angular Installation Options Errors Correction for Three-Component Vector-Measuring Transducers with Accelerometer at Calibration Phase
4608Usachev Yu.A., Abzhuev O.D., Usachev M.S.
Status of Problem of Creating Metrological Complexes for Photonics Purposes
4610Yasoveev V.Kh., Shmelev A.A.
Implementation Methods of Self-Calibration In Intelligent Magnetostrictive Transformers of Linear Displacements