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Opening of the conference.
Plenary session
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Section 1 "Renewable energy systems" 04.10.18,
Main educational build,
conference hall 1007
Section 2 "Renewable energy integration in smart grids and microgrids" 05.10.18,
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conference hall 1007
Section 3 "Smart grid energy systems" 05.10.18,
Main educational build,
conference hall 1007
Section 4 "Energy savings through power electronics devices, electrical machines and drives, etc." 05.10.18,
Main educational build,
conference hall 1007


Surnames of authors, title of report
Section 1. Renewable energy systems
5267A. Ibrahim, E. Solomin, A. Miroshnichenko
Control Strategy for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Doubly Fed Induction Motor for Wind Turbine
5266A. Miroshnichenko, E. Solomin, A. Ibrahim
Research of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Railway Train for Utilization of Related Airflow Energy
5270Vladimir Tremyasov, Aleksey Bobrov, Tatiana Krivenko
Reliability Theoretical Frequency Assessment of Generation Systems with Photovoltaic Solar Panels
5272Galaktion V. Shvedov, Sirojiddin R.Chorshanbiev, Alexey G. Vaskov
Analysis and Evaluation of Potential of Renewable Energy Resources of Republic of Tajikistan
5293Dmitry └. Chernov, Nikita D. Karpov, Mikhail G. Tyagunov
Features of Design and Operation of Wind-Diesel Complexes
5313Vladimir Tremyasov, Aleksey Bobrov, Tatiana Krivenko
Fault Tree Logical-Probabilistic Method of Wind-Diesel Complex Reliability Analisys
5394Andrey G. Batukhtin, Mikhail V. Kobylkin, Sergey G. Batukhtin, Marina G. Baranovskaia
Application of Heat Pumps in a Centralized Heat Supply as the Direction of the Development of District Heating Cogeneration
5479Evgeny Sirotkin, Andrey Martyanov, Ahmed Ibrahim
Mathematical Modeling of Wind Turbine Brake System
5540Alexander V. Bogdan, Vladimir A. Bogdan, Konstantin A. Garkavyi
Optimization of Power and Place of Connection
5582A.A. Malozemov, V.S. Kukis, V.A. Naumov
Hybrid Power System with Variable Speed Diesel Engine
5584Evgeniy Klimov, Elena Bodrova, Evgeny Sirotkin
Volume Estimation Methods of Exhausting Bulk Biogas From Russian Growth Range
5601Irina Yu. Ivanova, Tatiana F. Tuguzova, Nadezhda A. Khalgaeva
Comparative Analysis of Approaches to Consider Rationale of Use of solar panel plants for Power Supply of Off-Grid Consumers
5622S.K. Sheryazov, V.V.Vasenev, Zh.B. Telyubaev
Optimization of Reactor Parameters in Anaerobic Digesters
5663I.M. Kirpichnikova, V.V. Shestakova, A.V. Akimov
Development of Effective Device for Protection of Solar Modules from Contamination
5696S.V. Mitrofanov, D.K. Baykasenov, M.A. Suleev
Simulation Model of Autonomous Solar Power Plant with Dual-Axis Solar Tracker
5750Andrey Martyanov, Nikita Martyanov, Evgeny Sirotkin
State Observer for Variable Speed Wind Turbine
6125O.S. Ptashkina-Girina, N.S. Nizamytdinova, O.A. Guseva
Technical-Economic Assessment of Small Hydro-Power Units
6144A.G. Kayumov, Y. P. Gusev, V. V. Govorin
Influence of Out-of-Phase of Synchronous Generators on Short-Circuit Currents in Power Systems
6167Artur Sibgatullin, Vladimir Tolmachev
Justification of the Parameters of RES Based Energy Complexes for Trunk Gas Pipeline Consumers
6237Alexandr A. Panfilov
Features of Calculation Schemes and Methods for Design of Wind Turbine Foundations for Arctic Conditions
6245Viktor Elistratov, Irina Kudryasheva
Metodology of Wind-Diesel Power Complexes Parameters Justification for Decentralized Supply of Arctic Regions
6261Oleg Berg, Sergey Prischepov
Nonvolatile Portable Power Supply. Performance Capabilities and Organization Principles in Continental Areas
Section 2. Renewable energy integration in smart grids and microgrids
5340Yuri N. Bulatov, Andrey V. Kryukov, Grigory O. Arsentiev
Use of Power Routers and Renewable Energy Resources in Smart Power Supply Systems
5418Pavel V. Ilyushin, Andrew V. Pazderin
Approaches to ╬rganization of Emergency Control at Isolated Operation of Energy Areas with Distributed Generation
5866V.V. Bukhmirov, A.V. Sadchikov, N.F. Kokarev
Increase Methane Emission of Biogas Plant Using Combined Charging Raw Materials
5975V.V. Zhukov, R.V. Pugachev, B.O. Nyaware
Energy Complexes Consisting of Hydro and Nuclear Power Plants with Low Power Nuclear Reactors
5979V.V. Bukhmirov, A.V. Sadchikov, N.F. Kokarev
Determination of the Parameters of the Solar System to Compensate for the Thermal Losses of a Single-chamber Vertical Cylindrical Reactor
Section 3. Smart grid energy systems
5339Anastasia Chernova
Designing Database for Decision Support System for Development of Electrical Grid
5421O.V. Gazizova, A.V. Varganova, A.V. Malafeev
Steady-State Stability of Industrial Distributed Generation Sources in Terms of Optimization of Their Active and Reactive Power Loading
5697Vladislav A. Agapov, Sergei V. Mitrofanov
Efficiency of Application of Direct Current Insert for Purpose of Restriction of Short Circuit Currents at Association of Power Supply Systems
5716V.Y. Sokolov, S.A. Naumov, E.A. Pivneva
Possibility of Receiving Two Types of Energy by Gas-Piston Power Plants on the Basis of Engines of Yaroslavl Motor Plant
5724Philipp Molotov, Alexey Vaskov, Michail Tyagunov
Modeling Processes in Microgrids with Renewable Energy Sources
5756N.G. Semenova, L.A. Semenova
Internal Lighting Control on the Basis of Fuzzy Inference
Section 4. Energy savings through power electronics devices, electrical machines and drives, etc.
5285G.S. Mytsyk, Tin Aung Zaw
Features of Practical Implementation of Three Phase Transformer-Rectifier Device with Pulse of Rectified Voltage P=12
5357I.M. Kirpihnikova, I.B. Makhsumov, I.S. Nosirov
Electric Servo Drive Control System of Milling Machine with Neural Network
5363George Palkin, Ivan Suvorov, Roman Gorbunov
Evaluation of Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Sites of First Rise Supply Water Systems with Storage Tank by Laboratory Modeling
5507D. Yerezhep, V. Kogai, A. F. Minikaev
Numerical Analysis of Efficiency Parameters of Thermoelectric Generator for Low-potential Heat Recovery
5563I.A. Rostuntsova, S.V. Novichkov, ╬.V. Zakharov
Perspective Directions of Energy Saving Technologies in Distributed Power Generation
5578Sergey Gandzha, Anatoliy Belonozhko
Development of Electrical Energy Storage Device Using Direct-Acting Fuel Cells Based on Methanol
5834Pavel V. Dikarev, Aleksey A. Yakovlev, Aleksey M. Makarov
Development of Technical Solution for Automated Compact Cogeneration Plant Using Search Engineering
5895Svetlana N. Trofimova
Account of Influence of Electric Arc Parameters at Calculation of Loss of Electricity in Airlines of Electric Transmissions
5994Aleksey Makarov, Mikhail Kukhtik
Automated System of Frequency Control for Drive of Cascade Pump Station of Random Configuration
6160S.V. Os'kin, V.A. Didych
Control Axial Pump Aggregate At Static Pressure Change